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 Interface and Mods

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PostSubject: Interface and Mods   Interface and Mods Icon_minitimeTue Oct 12, 2010 8:59 am

To get the most out of the game, most folks are using mods.
I use to download mine, but there are lots of ways to get mods.

When building a UI you should think about the categories of mods first, then start filling in the details.

Action bars - I use bartender
Raid Frames - I use xperl for my target, myself, pets and I use Vuhdo for raid
Boss Warnings - I use Deadly Boss Mods
Threat meter - Omen
Damage meter - I use recount (Skada is a great option)
Chat - I use Wow Instant Messenger
Inventory - I use Bagnon, but lots of folks use ArkInventory
Map - I use Sexymap
Timers (casting timers) - I use quartz for my casters
Class specific - for healing I use Vuhdo

That's what *I* use, what do YOU use?

By the way, check out

Interface and Mods 9173078fbYYY
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PostSubject: Re: Interface and Mods   Interface and Mods Icon_minitimeTue Oct 12, 2010 3:21 pm

I use the curse client for my addons which backs up settings and allows easy updating and downloading...

Action bars - Dominoes
Raid Frames - Stock UI
Boss Warnings -Deadly Boss Mods
Threat meter - Omen
Damage meter -Recount
Chat - Stock UI
Inventory - Bagnon
Mail - Postal
Professions - Skillet, IronChef (equips hat - speeds up cooking, changes title to Chef)
Map - Stock UI
Questing - Questhelper
Timers (casting timers) - Quartz
Class specific - Scorchio (used to use for fire), TimeToDie (more for rogues but helps with arcane)
Auctions - Auctioneer, Lil' Sparky's Workshop (plugs in to Skillet to give mats vs item values)
Mounts - GoGoMount (summons random mount appropriate to surroundings)
PVP - Wintertime
Pets - Nug Mini Pet (summons random pet automatically)
Achievements - RedDrake (notify's outstanding dungeon achievements when zoneing in)

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Interface and Mods
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