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 Anticipating Cataclysm

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PostSubject: Anticipating Cataclysm   Thu Nov 11, 2010 5:34 pm

There will be a lot of turnover over the next 3-4 months. There always is. Raid progression will start around Christmastime. I assume there will be folks blue-geared and level capped over the first 3 weeks of the xpack. Certainly by January, people will be dying for fresh raid kills.

Traditionally, Black Axe Clan does not have a full raid team super fast. Maybe this time will be different, but . . . I doubt it. That is totally ok with me. Personally, I will be leveling up, and trying to get fully geared. If I get there before other people, then I will level and gear up my next guy. Anyway, some guilds will form, and guilds will collapse. We will gain some people looking for a stable home with fun, non-douchey people. We will lose some people who want to progress faster.

I want to talk to all the officers, raiders, and veteran guildies to determining if there are any improvements we need to make. I will also want to address our current leadership structure - i.e. bring in new officers or boot out old ones.

Finally, we will want to do SOMETHING about the guild bank. We are trying to sell EVERYTHING off over the next few weeks, with the possible exceptions of lower level crafting mats. These will probably be in demand as people level new level one toons.

So - if there are any adjustments that you want to talk about here - please do so - otherwise, let me or the officers know.

If we don't know there is a problem, we cannot fix it.

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PostSubject: Re: Anticipating Cataclysm   Fri Nov 12, 2010 6:17 pm

I only have two suggestions at the moment. First suggestion is we need to figure out teams for cata. From what I've heard, its seems most people want 10man groups. Due to AFKs, etc.. we now really have one 10man group. I enjoy the people in the group, I have fun with them and I think we all try hard. I think going 11/12 heroic ICC in 6hours raid time is pretty impressive, especially since over half of us had never attempted several of those encounters. But, before we started last night, we actually had 13 people in group. Who do you pick? And how do you pick? Clearly there is a talent curve in this gulid. I know everyone will want to be in the fastest progression group. I feel we have 14 or 15 people who can easily sub in and out for one another and we not miss a beat. But which 10 of that group will be the progression group come cata? The second reason to pick teams is choosing what character to level first. Last night I used the example of Rioko. Rioko's rogue is his main and he's clearly good at it. But, he's been healing our 10man under his priest Zurrio, and was part of our orginal LK kill. Which would he rather play if having to choose one? If he levels Zurrio first thinking he's going to heal, but the team is filled with say Frilly and Obrox, he just got screwed.

Second is regarding the current list of officers. Some of those officers are AFK. Thats fine, i have no problem with people going afk because of burnout or any other reason. But, I don't agree these people need to be officers. To me, an officer is one of the leaders of the guild and its hard to lead if you're not here. Its even worse to let people return from their afk and they jump right back in as if nothing happened. I won't give name names as I'm not an officer and I don't feel its my place, but I will mention another specific occurrence that happened to the Beanflick group. While ICC regular was a progression we pretty much had a set team of 10 each week. A few times, a certain officer would not show up. There we were, 9 of us in a group waiting on the last to start, but waiting in vain. I understand things come up, but this was becoming a regular occurrence and we were never given a heads up. One specific night we were all waiting on this one specific officer to show to complete the group. 20min late, they log on, we send the invite, .... cricket cricket.... nothing. Send the invite again... nothing. This person logs off. Fortunately one of the others in the group was able to contact them outside the game, either by text or facebook, i don't remember. The response? they didn't feel like playing that night. Hardly a person I want on my team let alone a leader in my guild. Again, I understand AFKs, but if they're not willing to be around when needed (as we've clearly not downed LK25 yet) they shouldn't hold the officer position. I certainly don't consider them leaders.

Being present during the ups and downs of progression is part of being in the leadership role. This is the only guild I've ever known. I took a brief 25man leave to run with Benchwarmers because I was frustrated with stalled progression. While the progression was fun, it wasn't near as fun running with Beanflick. I don't know why, but I'd wipe a hundred times a night with those guys in my group rather than one shot everything with another guild. So yes, i understand the frustration of wanting to afk or leave the guild altogether, but having experienced a brief moment with another guild, BAC is for me because of the people. (Yes I know I've not been there the last 2 tuesdays, I've been helping my parents build a garage and they live 2 hours away.) I'll shut up now, just choose people wisely.

TL/DR - pick 10man teams, reassess officers.
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PostSubject: Re: Anticipating Cataclysm   Sun Nov 14, 2010 9:58 am

Anticipation is a good word J, it captures the excitement of the unknown (despite reading all the beta info) that we are all feeling. But what I hope this conversation you've started will eliminate is any uncertainty about the guild members may have. I share your view J (based on our history) that we will have an "adjustment" to our membership, both positive and negative. But the more we plan now, the stronger our guild will be come Dec. 7th.

@uncool: We have always been a guild that says, play the toon you want and spec you like. And while that means that sometimes we have had an overabudance of one class (really? 6 locs?) and a dearth of another (WTB shammy) we have always found a way to make it work. That being said I think that each of us should decide which toon we are going to level 1st, and communicate that here so that we can set up teams in advance. Heck, we can even set up teams and times for 5-man content! With the advent of dual spec it has become easier to set up teams especially in regards to heals and tanks.

To that end, I have been playing all my alts and making that decision for myself. While I have been tempted by my shammy, loc and pally, I think im gonna stay first and foremost , a druid for the next installment of WoW. I will be staying resto/bal and alc/herb as well.

For now I encourage all who want to raid in cata to post their intended class/spec/role here so that we can plan to take the next expansion by storm!
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PostSubject: Re: Anticipating Cataclysm   Mon Nov 15, 2010 10:05 am

This seems to be a great thread to get some aggression out and let people vent on what they think is wrong in the guild right now. I recentely have not been there the last month and i think most of you have noticed lol. This is due to personal issues and the security of my future. Now i try to keep up with whats going on with popping in game when i can and talking to people in the guild via email,texting or facebook. I never asked for my situation and as many people know i was one of the most consistant to show up for any and every raid for almost a year. So to go against Uncool I don't think that its fair that i be penalized for having shitty luck in my life. Though on the flip side that if it is so choosed that i be demoted back down before/after Cata then thats what happens.

Alright moving forward... J is right on that the guild needs to get their stuff together and make room in the bank for new stuff but ultimately anything that can make a lot of money come cata should stay until a good time to put it up for auction. Another is to start building teams. I was lucky enough to run with Zombie near the end there and they were great to run with but also fell into the trap of afks. I think there will probably again be 2 core groups of 10. So finding those groups shouldnt be too too bad. I was not part of either 10 man but sometimes sacrifices need to made and i don't expect anything different this time. But over the last little bit i should think that afks, tardiness and raid awareness should be takin into account on who will make it into these groups. We never have been into elite groups but they were formed of the best people who were on time able to show and were able to "Listen". Listening is a huge one if you can't listen then please don't be upset if your asked to sit or be an alt.

Obrox you are very right in the fact the more prepared we are the more the guild will come together. If the lines of communication are open and everyone knows what to expect and the road that BAC plans on taking there should be very little in the way of shock when Cata drops. We always will have an over abundance of some classes. Look for awhile there we had priests galore or we have like 6 rogues and not 1 can disarm a trap. But all seriously we have taken what we have had and we have done the best we can without the ulimate raid make. But do we really want to be like other guilds??? HELL NO you know why? Because we are BAC and we roll black axe style.

Theres my piece for now. Again sorry i can't be there right now and put in my input a little bit more but for what its worth i miss the hell outta you guys. Your my family away from home Smile

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PostSubject: Re: Anticipating Cataclysm   Tue Nov 16, 2010 10:32 pm

That wasn't directed at you Amber, more for those AFK for multiple months
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PostSubject: Re: Anticipating Cataclysm   Wed Nov 17, 2010 10:05 pm

Pally Prot/Ret with any luck 85 in 2weeks after launch.

IMO no reason to demote Officers unless they are AWOL for an extended period. Or have an in game history of not representing BAC with honor, respect and devotion. The officers should be the faces and voices of BAC and should lead the charge in making raids, picking groups, and assigning tasks.

As to the G Bank, Im down with selling off everything. Whats the purpose of all the gold in there? Do we have a plan for that or are we just amassing wealth for the impending WoW depression?

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PostSubject: gbank money   Thu Nov 18, 2010 5:04 pm

theres a guild achievement for having 100,000 gold in the bank lol we want it as soon as we go live

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PostSubject: Re: Anticipating Cataclysm   Thu Nov 18, 2010 10:57 pm

Regarding guild gold:
In WotLK we used a bunch to set up our guild crafters - most of whom STILL ARE the guild crafters -
Bhorgia for enchants or alchemy
Waffle for JC
Bloodtracker for leather
etc etc

It may seem like I'm giving gold to only a few people, but I REALLY want to know that the folks who I am giving gold to are sticking around. So - if you've logged in consistently for 2 years or so, then I mean you. If you've taken 3, 4, 5 months off . . . . I love you, but level your own crafting - if you want something from the guild, we will still be able to make it for you for cheap.

Remember - in the first few months of the xpack - crafted stuff is some of the BEST STUFF you can get, and it will not be cheap!

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PostSubject: Re: Anticipating Cataclysm   Thu Nov 18, 2010 11:37 pm

Well, you know, I've been in BAC since 2006.... hint, hint.

No, seriously, the Guild has helped me level crafting and gear in the past. And the guild may be doing more than that for me in the near future so no, I am not really asking for gold. Anyhow, I have to BE there in order to craft for ya'll, and at present that's a bit iffy. If the guild wants to level crafters ASAP then better they concentrate on the those folks able to do so from Dec 7 onwards.

We do have a sizable amount of gold in the bank, though. While spending some on crafters is a good idea, we seem to have more than is needed for that. It's good that we seem able to get guildies to donate, or are able to sell mats to generate it, or however we're getting it, but is there an effective way to use it for the benefit of guild members? Me, my characters actually have quite a bit of gold but not everyone has had my length of time in the game to accumulate a stash. Is there an equitable way to use some of that gold to benefit guild members? Sure we can buy another tab, level our crafters... but what else? While I have no problems contributing money to the g'bank when taking items from it, I prefer that the gold be used rather than simply grow without end (though if we want an achieve for 100k gold I could get on board with that... but that still leaves the question of what to do with it all). And, of course, it should be used to benefit the guild as a whole, or to reward particular service towards the guild.

Some wild ideas which may or may not be good - it's brainstorming:

- If the guild wishes to achieve something (either an actual achievement or downing a boss or whatever) would it be reasonable to either help fund the effort through the guild gold, or to offer a cash award?
- We've already had helping crafters out as a guild project.
- Would it be appropriate to offer money for mounts at appropriate level? Obviously this would be BASE mounts, or perhaps riding training, not Uber Expensive ones, and might be best limited to mains. Personally, I don't need this but I know some of our members are broke in-game, and obviously it would have to be a member in good standing (however we define that)
- Would it be appropriate for the guild to purchase an item for toons reaching maximum level? Gearing up max level characters, as we all know, does cost gold and getting a high end weapon or piece of armor or enchant would be really nice, but perhaps not too extravagant (I'm not saying we gear level 85 toons completely!)
- Once we get someone who can make maximum size bags could the guild fund their manufacture, with guild members who want them paying some reasonable price - perhaps cost of mats? - to obtain these items at less than AH prices? For that matter, there are a number of items like healing/mana pots and various other very commonly used items that the guild might get mats for, have people make to help level their crafts, the crafters give the items back to the guild, then the items could be made available to guildies for reasonable prices. Using gold to get the mats could then benefit guild members twice over, and the person purchasing the item then compensates the guild so the gold isn't lost. Maybe we could have the top 2-3 tiers of items like bags and pots. Yes, we've sort of done that with flasks in the past, but this would be expanding the practice.

Anyone else have ideas?

If there are certain things we want guild members to achieve - max level, max out professions, whatever - then perhaps some gold can be used as an incentive, or to help with repairs along the way, or whatever.

Oh, just a note about low-level mats - I collect low level mats for a number of professions and at both prior expansions I experienced the phenomena of some of them going from white or even higher level items to "vendor trash" - or even disappearing completely. I don't know if beta gives information on which mats this may happen to or not, as I've never been in a beta, but do keep in mind it happens. Yes, some low level mats will go up in value, but some will fall and folks shouldn't be surprised if their stash of X, Y, or Z turns into vendor trash come Dec 7. It's a risk of collecting stuff. Just vendor it and sell what retains value.
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PostSubject: Re: Anticipating Cataclysm   Fri Nov 19, 2010 3:41 am

I can offer my services as a Tailor/Enchanter and i'm on pretty frequently, most stuff would have to be traded by mail though due to time zones, but as long as folks don't mind the time delay...

I don't raid much either so wouldn't have access to the eipc raid drops, unless they're purchasable with "primordial Saronite" equivalents...

I've already mentioned in another thread that i'm a veritable one stop shop for all new goblins, providing netherweave bags for free and heirloom enchants with your mats.
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PostSubject: Re: Anticipating Cataclysm   Sat Nov 20, 2010 9:36 pm

Well, Ihave definitely ben out of the loop for awhile. Part of that is due to taking a promotion at work and simply playing WoW a lot less and part of that is due to moving Emiran out of BAC.

Feel free to move my toons that are left in BAC to whatever rank you see fit J. In all honesty, I've been at a distance because I took a lot of flak for moving Em out of BAC. And not just the typical "what are you doing" poking, but to the point where I was even accused of EPGP manipulation by someone. I took that quite personally because I have always been on the pfront for fairness in BAC and gave it my all for over a year and a half for this guild. I definitely didn't deserve that.

Back to the topic at hand, with less game play time I am most focused on progression and fast. I'll be around to help anyone get anything that they need like I always have been, but the progression of killing the big dudes is going to be my top priority and I now it won't happen fast in BAC because it will take a while to gte a raid force of 85s.

I am projecting to have two toons in BAC to 85 by early January, however, if you need them for anything. By then I should have been through the first raid instance on Emiran and can help out where you need.
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PostSubject: Re: Anticipating Cataclysm   Sun Nov 21, 2010 2:41 pm

As far as organization I am thinking of a 3-tier officer system:

1 - Senior Officer - guild management, recruiting, raid leading, class leading, bank management and basically ME when I'm not there - must have secure account (authenticator) for bank management.

2 - Guild Officer - Primarily recruiting and problem solving, also the ability to help guide players to resources for class/geat/spec questions - available to lead 10-mans

3 - Junior officer - Recruiting

There would be very few duties with Junior Officer rank. I really just want extra help managing guild invites and recruiting when Cata drops and we get 1000 more people playing every day.

A few rules about officers:
- *I* must be confident in your ability to do the things that BAC is known for (basically don't be a dick)
- The other officers MUST want you in our /officer channel, we want people who opinions and attitudes are an asset
- You must understand what we are all about:
we are NOT about rapid progression at all costs
we are NOT about offensive behavior
we respect people's ability to play this game any way they want
we expect that if you want to be on a progressive raiding team within the guild you can take criticism
we know that there is a difference between RAID invite and GUILD invite
we take the time to COMMUNICATE with guild members about our decisions, either in game or in the forums
we are INCLUSIVE in our guild (no assholes tho', I dont mean that)

The other ranks:
officer alt
senior member

I know having 3 levels of officers might be overkill . . . but I feel that we will need more people to be prepared to offer invitations (when appropriate) and to help monitor the application section of the website.

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PostSubject: Re: Anticipating Cataclysm   

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Anticipating Cataclysm
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