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 The Guild Conduct is Slipping

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The Guild Conduct is Slipping Empty
PostSubject: The Guild Conduct is Slipping   The Guild Conduct is Slipping Icon_minitimeWed Jul 27, 2011 5:46 pm

Seriously, guys, I've been appalled at the conduct I've seen (and in some cases received) from this guild the past couple weeks. Let's see if I can do this short and sweet:

1) Frequent ignoring of requests for information from people in guild chat. I realize, of course, that it's not always possible to respond, but if there are 15-20 people on line at one time SOMEONE should be able to respond to a guildie's question in a couple minutes. Which brings me to....

2) Did the rules change? Is vent now required even for guild chat? Because I've been noticing that those who aren't in vent are nearly entirely ignored. If we have changed the rules please make a formal announcement. Otherwise, not everyone runs vent all the time. Sometimes vent isn't working for someone, or their headset craps out, or whatever. Saying "get on vent, n00b" is not a proper response. Saying "Im louusy on teh kbybord, can u vvent?" is a hell of a lot more polite.

3) Cross-talk where people ask for groups but never invite each other - WTF? Are we splitting into cliques? I'm not talking about people at radically different levels or gear, either. As an example, (names totally changed to protect the innocent and guilty) if Guild Player A wants to group for, say, The Vortex Pinacle, and is trying to get a group together, WTH do I suddenly see Guild Players B, C, D, and E, PUG for #5, then go off to BH without ever inviting Player A? Sure, occasionally it falls out that way, but I'm seeing this almost daily. It seems like the same people keep getting left in the cold.

4) I realize that those new to the guild can't know who all the alts belong to - but that is NOT an excuse to talk down to people on lower level toons. You don't know whose alt that is. Beyond that, it shouldn't matter. I do NOT appreciate being called a "guild n00b" when I've been in this guild for, what, 5 years? Granted, that's only happened once but it shouldn't happen at all.

I know we have off days, but this stuff is starting to become a pattern. I've refrained from naming names because I'd like to think that this post on it's own can result in some positive change. Assuming anyone ever reads this website any more. Seems like every couple years we need a reminder to act with a little respect towards each other. Consider this to be such a reminder. Come on guys, we can do a LOT better!
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PostSubject: Re: The Guild Conduct is Slipping   The Guild Conduct is Slipping Icon_minitimeSun Aug 12, 2012 7:19 pm

the sad part is there haven't been any replies to this. i hope things have turned around for the better.
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The Guild Conduct is Slipping
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