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 Guild Duties - Guild Ranks

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PostSubject: Guild Duties - Guild Ranks   Tue Nov 11, 2008 3:50 pm

Here are the various duties for the members of the guild. Please note that many people fill MORE than ONE of these roles. Everyone must fufill all duties of their rank and all the ranks listed below them.

Guild Leader - I have responsibility for the success of the guild, the server-wide perception of our guild, the environment in which we play as a guild. I appoint Raid Leaders, after discussion with the other raid leaders. I manage raids, guild ranks, resolve disputes, run the website, run the ep/gp, manage the guild banks, create the guild rules, maintain order, discipline and joy within the guild. I cheerlead. I use both carrot and stick with equal ease. But usually I delegate all of this junk to officers while I eat pizza and autofollow Waffle around raids.

Class Leader - Class leaders are the officers who manage their class within the guild. Must be reasonably knowledgeable about resources for their class (i.e. where is my D4 tanking helm? What pet should i be leveling with? etc.). It is NOT the class leaders job to tell you how to play, but they can point you towards website, articles, forums, etc. that should help you to find out for yourself. Class leaders are responsible for invites within their class, discipline within their class and resolving any disputes that arise.

Raid Leader - Raid leaders - these officers assist class leaders and help organize our raids. They are allowed to do invites and help before, during and after the raid to make sure we have the best chance of success.

Raider - Qualified to raid with the guild. With this rank, you are expected to have all needed mods, to spec appropriately for PVE, to have all food, pots, reagents etc. You will be expected to be part of a raid team. You will be expected to be ON TIME for all raids scheduled for that team. Also, you will be able to follow directions, act raid-appropriately in vent and chat. As a reward for this rank, priority is given to Raiders over ranks (other than officers) for raid invites. Raiders are expected to have 50% attendance for raids. This is FAR FAR FAR less than any other raiding guild.

Members - Are expected to be enjoying themselves. Enjoy the success of the guild socially and within raid progression. Be gracious and pleasant. Make new friends. Ask questions about life, the game or the universe. Notify officers if you have questions or concerns.

Initiate - Welcome to Black Axe Clan. When you have this rank, you are given some latitude within the guild while you learn about us. The initiate rank will remain for 2-4 weeks until a decision is made whether to promote to full member or to remove from guild.

Alts - All toons are allowed ONE full member, and as many alts as they would like.

Officer Alts - Pretty much self explanatory.

Probation - This rank has no guild bank privileges, it is given for specific purposes that will be discussed with class leaders, raid leaders and Bhorg.

All guild members are expected to act appropriately at all times.
Represent the guild with behavior of which we can all be proud.
In guild chat and vent - NO BEGGING, NO ABUSIVE or OFFENSIVE chat.
In general chat, trade chat, lfg chat etc. - you represent the guild, so be sure to act like it.
If you would like to ask non-guildies to join vent, get approval from officers first.

CONGRATS - you've read the whole thing!

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PostSubject: Guild initiates   Mon Dec 29, 2008 10:39 am

There has been some confusing regarding this rank. The purpose of the initiate rank is to let officers know who has joined recently, in an effort to include new guildies in guild activities and discussions. Also, if somebody new doesn't get it when or why fred says something five times, we can all smile and explain it. . .

All officers and raid leaders can promote people to member from initiate after 2 weeks. I have been trying to keep track of the warriors specifically, but i have promoted a few other classes as well.
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Guild Duties - Guild Ranks
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