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PostSubject: Guild General Rules - READ THIS BEFORE APPLYING TO THE GUILD   Tue Jan 15, 2008 5:15 pm

We are a casual and friendly guild. We are a guild mostly comprised of adults. Here are some guidelines to assure that we maintain a certain level of respect for one another. For raiding guidelines, please see the raiding section.

Rule #1 - Offensive behavior and chatter is bad. I do not approve. I am not a prude and I do not mean profanity is bad. If you disapprove of profanity, just use your f-ing filter in game. Offensive stuff is that, but more. Being lewd, disgusting or inappropriate in any other way will not be tolerated. Nobody comes to play the game to liten to Barrens Chat all day. Everybody knows what I am talking about. If offensive discussions are going on, please report to Bhorg or any other officer. All guildies are elligible for ONE warning. After that it's just /gkick.

Rule #2 - We ENCOURAGE new players and players of different skills levels to come to BAC. Treating 'Noobs' poorly or rudely is just being a jerk and will not be tolerated. You don't have to play with anyone, you don't have to chat with anybody, but if you go out of your way to humiliate a guildie that's bad. If you are TEASING, please use the tags "j/k", ": )" or something to let the person on the recieving end that you are only joking. Everybody was new at some point, please remember that.

Rule #3 - Begging in guild chat is annoying and you will be told to stop. Whether you are asking for a run, gold, or mats, there is a difference between asking for help and begging.

Rule #4 - RAIDING is a privilege and not a right. The Guild Leaders and Raid leaders decide who is going to run on any given night. We are generous and reasonable people. We are flexible and forgiving people. If you piss us off, you tried very hard to do so and will be ignored until you straighten out. I would rather wipe and have fun, than down a boss and be miserable. That being said, winning > losing, and we will take the people that will add the most to the raid or team. Team spirit and ability are balanced to form a good team. We have LOTS of DPS for kara, so we try and give everyone a turn.

Rule #5 - Reliable raiding - if you say you are going to be there, that means you are on time, have food for buffs, have pots, have reagants, etc. Everybody forgets some times, try not to do so. the sooner we start the more stuff we get to kill. YOU are responsible for yourself

All officers should be treated with some respect. The officers have alts too, so ALWAYS be careful who you are talking to.
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